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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supertal and what does it do?
Supertal is a one-stop destination to help fast-growing companies so they can deliver great products faster. 

Supertal’s modern way of working allows people from across the globe to connect, collaborate, and create.

Supertal is a full-stack platform to help companies hire, onboard, build and manage remote global product engineering teams, so that companies can deliver great products faster.

Our aim is to realign global talent with high-value opportunities without letting borders be an obstacle.
How do you hire engineers through Supertal?
Pick a model: Based on your needs, pick from our engagement models- Build and SWAT. If unsure, don't worry, our experts will find the best solution for your unique needs!

Fill the form: Tell us more about your needs, preferred engagement, budget and everything there is to know.

Schedule a call: Spare no details, so our talent experts can craft the best solution for you. 

Start building: Supertal experts will help you build the perfect team.
What are the different engagement models Supertal offers?
Supertal has four primary engagement models:

SWAT: Immediate onboarding for quick/urgent projects that don't require long-term commitment. If you are not ready to commit to full-time hiring, SWAT is your best bet. Based on your unique needs, we structure resources into pods of engineering, at a fixed monthly cost, to deliver immediate milestones. 

BUILD: Full-stack solution from sourcing talent, hiring, onboarding, and post-onboarding HR+ benefits support. Build your dream team in just 4 weeks! 

Payroll Management: In this model, we offer:

  • Payroll and Compliance
  • Global EOR/PEO
  • Contract Management and Independent Consultant compliance

Always-On Recruiting: Save time by accessing global talent and simplify borderless hiring process.
How fast can I hire?
Our faster time-to-team helps save time and money while hiring as we provide instant access to a global talent pool. We have talent on standby at all times to help speed up the process.

Our SWAT model also allows for immediate onboarding for urgent projects.
How is Supertal different from other hiring and remote platforms?
We go way beyond simply connecting both sides of a marketplace. While most platforms provide some solution or the other, at Supertal, you will find it all.

We offer all-inclusive HR+ benefits, a multicultural community, and always-on hiring, all while guaranteeing a smooth, cohesive experience. 
Can we use standalone hiring or payroll services?
Yes! Our experts can help you come up with solutions customised based on your company's unique needs. Get in touch with us to know more.
Where does Supertal source talent from?
Our talent experts are always looking for new and emerging talent around the world. 
Can we hire contractors, freelancers, and consultants through Supertal?
Yes! Supertal has a solution for all your needs, regardless of the format of employment you pick. Our aim is to help you make global hiring and remote team building cohesive, easy, quick, and compliant.
What is Supertal and what does it do?
Talent and opportunity should be equally distributed. Supertal is a platform that offers high-quality opportunities to engineering and product talent from across the globe. Our platform helps to realign global talent with high-value opportunities without letting borders be an obstacle.

We bring top companies from around the world at your doorstep, so you can be globally competitive and boost your compensation. Once you are a part of Supertal ecosystem, you will never have to apply for another job.
Why pick Supertal? How is it different from other hiring platforms?
Supertal offers a lot more than just jobs. Our talent experts take a proactive approach to help you grow and build your career. We match you with high-value, high-impact opportunities in fast-growing companies that align with your skills, career goals, and aspirations. With constant learning opportunities, complete HR support, competitive salaries, and a thriving tech-ecosystem, Supertal will help you accelerate your career. 
What does it mean to go beyond boundaries?
Opportunities and talent shouldn't be limited to where you are located. Supertal provides a platform for engineering product talent around the world to access global opportunities without the need to re-locate to another location.

In today’s world, we don’t think borders should stand as an obstacle when it comes to accessing that dream job. Supertal talent experts always ensure to match you with opportunities align with the direction you want to grow your career. 

Going beyond boundaries can help you:
1. Find work fulfilment by working on exciting projects at global high-growth companies.
2. Create balance
3. Grow your career
4. Make more money compared to equivalent local jobs in your city/country. 
What kind of jobs does Supertal provide access to?
Supertal provides access to all kinds of opportunities. Engineers can look through several roles based on their skill-set, seniority and experiences. 

When it comes to skills, Supertal is looking for remote engineers for wide array of skills, such as node.js, React, Android, iOS, Java, Golang, DevOps, Data Science, UI/UX and many more.
How do I apply for a job?
If you have the skills, experience, and ambition that we are looking for, then becoming a Supertal engineer is just a few clicks away. 

1. On our website, click on “Apply for Jobs”.
2. Fill in your basic information
3. A talent expert from our team will reach out to you and help you find an opportunity that suits you best.
4. Once you clear the screening and interview rounds, you will become part of the Supertal network and have access to our portfolio of world-class companies. 
5. Schedule your interview and get to work on your dream job.
Which companies are part of Supertal’s portfolio?
Supertal works with a range of companies from fast-scaling startups to conglomerates.
Does Supertal offer freelance or part-time jobs?
Our primary goal at Supertal is to provide full-time, long-term jobs to engineers who are looking for stable and fulfilling positions with top firms, regardless of where they are in the world. We believe this helps our engineers work effortlessly on what they love and grow their careers steadily. 

Regardless, if you pass our screening and interview process, we might be able to help you if an appropriate role comes up.
Which countries does Supertal source from?
Our talent experts are constantly on the lookout from talent across the globe. Irrespective of your experience, or the location that you reside in, you can always find something in the Supertal ecosystem to match your unique skills and aspirations.